Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank You!

Wow! Our Grand Opening was a huge success. Better than I could have ever hoped for, and so much fun.

The stress is gone (for now :)), and the fun of deciding what to stock next time has begun. We will continue to stay busy over the next month with customs (all 3 sold out!!).

Thank you to everyone who bought, looked, supported, and everything else. It could not have been successful without all of out great friends and customers. And thank you tons to Monica, of Little Bear Knitwear (you know, that Silly Stripes Mama?). We have developed a great friendship since discovering we live within miles of eachother. She was here for the stocking yesterday for fun amd moral support, and spent countless hours helping us set the store up. Thanks so much Monica!

And finally, thank you again to all the great WAHM's who brought their talent to the grand opening....Andrea, Nickie, Tara, and Monica. Your work is all spectacular, and I am so appreciative of your help!

So, here is a taste of the aftermath...on the way to the Post Office to head to their new homes!!