Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grand Opening Tomorrow!

The day is finally here! We have been waiting, not patiently though, as a ton of work has gone into this store. It is well-stocked with lots of goodies, and several fellow WAHM's who have joined us with their awesome talents!

Check it out!!!

Monica, of Little Bear Knitwear, has knit up something special for a special little girl (wish my girl was getting it!), Andrea, of Dwell Wool Knits, has brought an awesom epair of itty bitty woolies, Tara, of Ewe Silly Baby, made a gorgeous SMSS Kimono for a sweet baby girl, and Nickie of Nickie Nut Knits, worked up something awesome for mama (I so wish I could stalk my own store ;)).

Please join us for our introductory prices, and help make our fist stocking a great success!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I can not NOT spin for even a day. I have to feel that fiber run throu my fingers, and see the finished product. I need to slow down though. The customs list is getting longer, and I have several personal spinning projects I still need to work on. It is consuming...though not in a bad way.

Latest Custom: For my dear friend, Monica. Western Sky Knits "Amelie" on Superwash Merino. Turned out beautifully, with excellent yardage :)

WSK "Amelie"
WSK "Amelie"
Some personal spinning George did yesterday. "Indian Corn" on Merino/Bamboo. I cannot photograph how beautiful this is. The bamboo shimmers, and make a deliciously silky yarn. I hope to knit it up into something yummy for me.
"Indian Corn" on Merino/Bamboo
"Indian Corn" on Merino/bamboo
I am also working on some "Twilight" dyed by Lisa of Becoming Art. It is also a merino/bamboo blend, and wants to become a SMSS Pinafore :) No pics yet ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Personal Spinning....

In my down time, I am getting through 12 oz of Mosaic Moon "Woodland Tale" on Superfine Merino. I am in love. Deep Love!

MM "Woodland Tale" on SF Merino

MM "Woodland Tale" on SF Merino

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Few Recent Customs, too!

All of these turned out really nice!

The first is Family Roots (formerly Ky Baby Knits) "Chocolate Dipped Biscotti" on Merino. I wasn't sure I was goin to love this when it was on the bobbin, but ended up really liking it. The contrast between the dark and lihkt sets it off.


Next is Some Selah (these colorways are from Lisa, now of Becoming Art). I did singles of "Neverland" and "Pan" and plied them together. It turned out wonderfully!

Some More Selah..."Frija":
And, later today, I will have some gorgeous WSK to show!